Major Appliance Emergencies and How to Handle Them

When something goes wrong around the house, we usually have some idea of what to do, or how to handle it. Granted, that might involve calling your brother-in-law and shrieking bloody murder, but still… When something goes wrong with a major appliance we frequently dissolve into a panic-stricken fit of fear and confusion. Be ready to handle any potential emergency with the following tips.

In the case of major appliance malfunction, your first and only thought should be of safety… yours, your family’s, and your home’s. Today, right now (after you finish reading, of course), if you don’t already know where and how, locate the main electrical panel for your home. Identify the main breaker that will, when tripped, shut off all power to your home. Next, find the main water supply to your house and the valve that will turn it off kenmore appliance repair los angeles.

Ensure that both the electrical breaker and the main shut-off valve for the water are in good working order and that you can access and shut them off when necessary. Take a moment to show their location and operation to your family members as well, lest something occur when you’re away. Now, locate the emergency service phone numbers for your electrical utility provider, the water company, and the gas company. Post them somewhere easily accessible by all family members and guests, then enter them into the contacts of everyone’s cell phone. There now, don’t you already feel more prepared?

Should one of your major appliances experience a malfunction of any significant magnitude, be ready to take quick action. Turn off the power, turn off the water, or turn both off if necessary. It is better to do this than to have a flood or fire in the home. IMPORTANT NOTE: If the appliance is gas, and if you smell the rotten egg odor of natural gas, leave your home immediately and contact the gas company’s emergency services department for further instruction.

Fortunately, appliance malfunctions are rarely dangerous and are usually just an annoyance. There are a few things you can check if a major appliance ceases to run, makes a funny sound, or fails to properly do its job. When an appliance is simply not working at all, first verify that the appliance is plugged in. If it is, re-visit your friendly breaker panel and make sure that the breaker is not tripped.

If the appliance is making a funny noise, check to make sure that no foreign objects are trapped in, on, or around it (i.e., pieces of paper, a Lego man, the cat…). Try unplugging the appliance for a few seconds, then plug it back in. Finally, if your appliance is simply not doing its job properly, check the settings to make sure everything is correct. Refer to the owner’s manual to make sure you are operating it correctly, and consult the “troubleshooting” section for any error messages or codes.


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